Creative design is our calling ... we love it

Körblis goes beyond a single person's desire for excellence.

Körblis Studios Design Group was created to showcase the work of a single person and includes award winning creations from a career that has spanned three decades

With a passion for design, and a desire to create lasting and impacting product for clients has made Körbis Studios unique

Created by Steven Anthony Gauci with the intent to be a vehicle and showcase of his life long work in the Graphic Design, Internet Development and Advertising business sectors. Körblis has become far more than that to clients and designers alike. The variety and quality of award winning projects showcased leaves people amazed that it is work of a single person.

Within the portfolio and concepts sections of this website are examples of a wide range of work from basic illustration, graphic design and print layouts to complet 3D rendered realistic digital creations

Examples here ar are limited by the fact that when completed clients own the final product and only items that permission was granted for are displayed here. Those are intertwined with others that are creatives that Körblis own itself.

A little about Steven

Steven first started working in the 1980s in Graphic Design industry after a formal education in Ontario, Canada. His interest in Graphic Design was sparked after studying art history which included a study of posters and advertising.

Working for an agency for a period of time alongside work as a freelance designer has been a constant in his working career. Constantly interested in expanding his repitoire, education has been a constant companion over the years.

The variety of traditional mediums that Steven has created in include photography, sculpture, painting, watercolours, silkscreen. With the advent and introduction of computers to the world of Graphic Design came even more variety of mediums.

Computerized typographic and basic design software of the late 80s led to more powerful tools and software capable of bending and bluing the lines between traditional and digital art forms.

Steven's designs have been seen throughout the globe with clients on almost every continent. Entering competitions for design and art across a wide spectrum has brought him much acclaim and respect.

Within the past decade Steven has focused on providing his skills to various non-profit organizations through his Körblis brand. All at the same time that he continues to provide cutting edge project fulfillment to clients.